by Bobbi Brinker -
Author of "For the Love of Greys"

Taylor was a 14 week old Grey sold by a pet store to a man who had never handfed a baby bird. At 15 weeks, he had a burn hole in his crop and chest. At 18 weeks he was dead. He died in the arms of the man who bought him, snuggled under his chin and finally free of pain.

Whose baby bird was this?

Who took this precious Grey, fat and fuzzy, from the nest and sold him into death?

Did the breeder give a thought to the future of this baby when he handed him over to a broker or to this pet store? Did he care?

How many babies were in the shipping crate? Where are they? Are they alive?.......or dead like this little one sold into the hands of a buyer who had never handfed a baby bird? Taylor will have lots of company from other baby birds sold into death. The Rainbow Bridge is getting crowded..

I had a very hard time getting to sleep last night. I thought of my Grey baby sleeping and safe in his brooder. My dream will live. No client of mine will ever hold one of my dreams as he dies from a burned crop. Never.

This has got to stop. How many babies have to die before the sale of unweaned babies stops?

All of these sellers of unweaned babies transfer the risks - the health problems and the deaths - to the buyer.

The only way this can be stopped is for the buying public to refuse to buy an unweaned baby bird and to refuse to patronize pet stores and breeders who sell them.

Please buy your new companion fully and bountifully weaned from a quality pet store or from a breeder who sells only weaned babies.

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