Hand-feeding Spoons for Baby Parrots and Pet Birds

Spoon feeding baby parrots is a very old and safe way to hand-feed. You will be able to avoid beak deviations because there is no pressure on the sides of the soft baby beak.

Spoon feeding allows a better view of the mouth so that flooding the mouth can be avoided and it is much easier to be sure that the baby is properly swallowing the formula. The spoon is held in almost a horizontal position for feeding. The spoon should be as warm as the formula so take a few seconds to rinse the spoon in hot water before feeding.

A baby's beak should be wiped with a hot wet paper towel from the base of the top beak to the tip of the beak on each side - using no pressure. The bottom beak is wiped the same - with no pressure and from the base of the beak towards the tip. The baby's beak shouldn't be touched during hand-feeding. The head can be braced or supported by gently grasping the jaws from behind the head or around the neck or by placing a finger under the bottom beak.

These stainless steel spoons will last a life time. They are easily kept sterile since they can be stored in a small tall jar, such as an empty olive jar, filled with disinfectant between feedings.

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