J.N. Birch Avian Artist

John's interest in painting stems back to 1945; so much so that he was always in trouble with his school teachers for drawing in his exercise books. John attended the College of Arts in Stourbridge of the West Mildlands in the UK. After studying art for several years, he took up employment designing carpets for local and worldwide carpet markets. After 13 years, sales of woven carpets were dying and John decided to leave.

In 1965 he started a business with a colleague repairing accident damaged vehicles, where he remained in business for 32 years. During this time, the call to get back to putting the brush to canvas was so strong he decided to leave the business in 1998 and put all of his time into painting and to his hobby of breeding parrots.

All of John's originals are of oil on canvas and are available for sale. Prints are taken from the oils as limited editions, most of which are limited to 300 or less worldwide. Commissions for originals are accepted.

John is a big supporter of conservation, avian research and bird rescue and often gives prints for selling or donations to help with these organizations.


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Blue Front Amazons
Series A
"Morning Preen"
Blue & Gold Macaws
Series A
"The Beauty of Black"
Series A
"Scarlet Splendor"
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Scarlet Macaws
Series A
"The Beauty of Black"
Palm Cockatoos
Series C
"Little Gems"
Wild Budgies
Series B
Rose Breasted Cockatoos
Carribean Jewels
"Trio of Blacks"
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Redtailed Black Cockatoos
Series A
"Jewels of the Outback"
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Series A
"Jewels of the Caribbean"
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Series D

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