Issues to Consider Before Giving Up Your Parrot

Understand the goals and the policies of an organization or individual before placing your bird with them.

If you have decided to place your bird with an organization or individual, please consider the following:

  • Some groups will rehabilitate or re-socialize donated birds.

Inquire regarding the selection process for choosing a new home for rehabilitated birds. Some birds may not progress to the point where they can be placed in loving pet homes. Make inquiries regarding the long range options or goals with the organization for such birds.

  • Some groups may be breeders or may place donated birds with other breeders.

Make inquiries regarding what happens to birds who do not produce or who prove unsuitable in a particular breeding program.

Inquire whether donated birds are placed in a breeding program at the facility to which you donate your bird and what financial arrangements, if any, are made if the donated bird is placed with another breeder.

  • Some groups provide a permanent home to all donated birds.

Inquire regarding what legal arrangements have been made for the on-going existence of the organization as this can affect the future security of the birds in this type of permanent sanctuary program. Inquire if the permanent facility is a true sanctuary - i.e., no breeding

  • If the organization you choose is a registered non-profit, request a copy of the financial statement and the names of the Board of Directors.

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