Table of Contents:
  1. Living with Greys: Imposing Less, Facilitating More
  2. The African Grey Myths
  3. Buying a Baby Grey: A Joint Responsibility
  4. Your Baby Grey is Coming Home
  5. Socializing the African Grey
  6. Early Socialization: A Biological Need and the Key to Companionship
  7. Life after Weaning - I: Your Companion Bird and You
  8. Life after Weaning - II
  9. The Adolescent Grey
  10. Wing Clipping and the African Grey
  11. Stress in African Greys and Other Birds
  12. Managing Stress in African Grey Parrots
  13. The Facts about Punishment
  14. Hazards and Care of Your Bird
  15. Toys! Toys! Toys!
  16. Diet and the Companion Grey
  17. Food and Food Preparation
  18. Grains: Delicious and Healthy Too
  19. Sprouts: Nutritious and Easy to Grow
  20. Switching Your Bird to Pellets
  21. Treats Your Bird Will Enjoy
  22. From One Breeder to Another - The African Grey
  23. The Egg
  24. The Hatching Egg
  25. Handfeeding Methods: Good Methods Yield Good Pets
  26. Handfeeding Parrots: Cornerstone to a Good Pet Bird
  27. Bountiful Weaning: Secret to a Happy Bird
  28. Living with Greys: All Things Considered
  29. Bird's Weight Records
  30. Important Phone Numbers
  31. Recommended Reading

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